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Established in 2008 to commemorate the bond between Ledegem (West Flanders)
& the friends of the Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment Association

About Remembrance Ledegem

Ninety years after the liberation of Ledegem by soldiers of the 29th Division of the 2nd British Army in October 1918 much has happened in Europe that saw the struggles of WW2 and the successful formation of the European Union. It would also be true to say that along the way the mists of time have dulled the memories when today's generations are no longer able to meet and listen to the stories of the survivors of those long past days of 1918.

Remembrance Ledegem is all about reflection and reconciliation, a time to remember those who died in the conflict and those who survived and returned; to pay tribute to the soldiers, many of them Irish who when they returned home into a country that was itself fighting for freedom, were dismissed by their own families and friends for joining the British Army. The two key regiments that were directly involved in liberating Ledegem were the Irish 2 Bn of the Leinsters and the English 4th Bn of the Worcestershire Regiment. Both battalions were disbanded in 1922 and their existence consigned to memory.

Remembrance Ledegem is a collaboration between the Historical Society of Ledegem "HeemKring Liedengehem", the Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (RC) Association and the Mayor and Eldermen from the township of Ledegem in West Flanders. Following a meeting between the chairmen of both organisations in August 2007 it was suggested that the Leinster Regiment Association would be invited to help arrange a special weekend to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the liberation of the township in October 1918. Since that time both organisations have worked tirelessly to ensure that not only will the weekend be memorable but that the purpose of Remembrance Ledegem is fully understood.

Understanding history is important because it reminds us of the challenges of the past and how we learn from it. Remembrance Ledegem has both a commemorative and educational element that will continue long after the weekend of the 11/12 October 2008. Through the efforts of both organisations the hand of friendship has been extended between two communities, the township of Ledegem and the township of Birr, Co. Offaly in Ireland, the hometown of the Leinsters. The reconciliation that has taken place in Ireland is represented by Ambassadors one from Great Britain and one from Ireland sharing in the commemoration ceremonies.

The memories that were once shrouded in the mists of time are now being regenerated in order that the generations of today are aware that the sacrifices, made by others long ago, are part of their own heritage.